Hotels offered one-stop review monitoring service

The rapid increase in the amount of user reviews of hotels has led to the creation of a new service for owners to monitor what is being said about them on the internet. is being launched by US-based Standing Dog Interactive and allows hoteliers to check any user-generated content related to their property on sites such as YouTube, Flickr, TripAdvisor and Travelpost.

The system also tracks when search engines such as Google pick up content about a property and indicates if multi-media content is part of the review.

Standing Dog president Michael Wylie said: “With the advent of Web 2.0, a hotel’s image is largely being shaped by consumer generated content about the property.

“We’ve developed ReviewAnalyst to help hotels compete more effectively in this environment by assisting their knowledge of social media and participation in the online discussion.

“We also help uncover issues and opportunities by identifying problematic areas to be addressed, opportunities to praise the hotel team for high service ratings and discovering strong selling points that may not have been known.”

The service will soon include the same information for a hoteliers three main competitors.

Loren Gray, director of e-commerce for Ocean Properties, one of the hotel brands unveiled as part of the launch, said: “The 10 properties we tested the ReviewAnalyst application with are affected directly by the reviews consumers write. Negative reviews really impact our business.”

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