SITA to overhaul airline reservation systems

Airline IT provider SITA is to radically overhaul the reservation systems of nearly 150 carriers over the next 18 months.

The new system will cover reservations, ticketing, inventory and departure control and the first part of SITA’s Horizon passenger management system.

Horizon is a $100 million project by SITA due for completion in the next five years.

SITA is hoping to significantly grow passenger numbers booking through the SITA systems in the coming years as it completes the technology improvements and attracts new airlines to its system.

It currently handles around 115 million passengers each year.

SITA chief executive Francesco Violante said: “The end result will be the retirement of today’s mainframe technology following a well-managed migration to new applications.

“New technology adoption will be carefully phased to accelerate the delivery of business value while minimizing risk and ensuring continuity of operation.

“Our unique relationship with the airline community will support our progress as we pursue an incremental approach to the introduction of new functionality over the next five years and it will ensure that the solutions we deliver are genuinely adapted to the needs of our customer airlines as we will actively invite their participation.”

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