Rentals United properties to be listed in Google hotel search results

Rentals United properties to be listed in Google hotel search results

Rentals United has partnered with Google for individual properties to be listed in hotel search results.

The partnership will give property managers working with distribution technology company Rentals United the option to be listed on Google Maps and Google Search.

They can also be listed through OTAs including, HomeAway, TripAdvisor and Airbnb.

Currently, it is not possible for individual owners to upload their properties onto a Google vacation rental search without a connectivity partner such as Rentals United.

Property owners can now be directly added a rental search through Google. Guests can also book online through listing pages provided by Rentals United at no extra cost.

The company said that clients have seen up to a 25% increase in bookings and have saved 20 hours a week in manual work due to the partnership.

James Burrows, Rentals United chief executive officer, said: “As one of the first channel managers to partner with Google as they enter the vacation rental world, Rentals United is well positioned to help property managers navigate this evolving industry. We hope property managers come ride the first wave with us.”

Rentals United was founded in 2015 and now handles data connecting to over 60 listing sites and over 100 technology providers. Their current partners include rental sites, OTAs, travel metasearch engines, wholesalers, property management systems and tech service providers.


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