The Power Edition

The Power Edition

Travolution has brought together for the first time a list of the most powerful working in the UK online travel industry, including tour operators, airlines, online travel agencies, meta search engines and search engines.

We have separated the list into four parts, covering the Top 50, Powerful Women, Rising Stars and International Players.

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Have you got what it takes to be a key player?

So what makes a high flyer in the world of online travel? High intellect is a given. Beyond that you need to be able to work at a very fast pace, and on multiple of issues simultaneously, but without losing focus of the key priorities. Also key is the ability to think and act in a strategic manner, coupled with the ability to read and respond astutely to the politics of an organisation.

You don’t have to be a technologist, but you need to know how to harness the power of technology in a business-effective way. Even in technology-led businesses, leadership skills, plus the art of creating and communicating the vision are just as important. So, too, is perseverance and persistence – good old-fashioned virtues that work just as well in the new world.

In such a competitive market, analytical skills and the ability to continually measure everything you are doing in terms of return on investment is essential for success in the online environment. These are all traits that employers are looking for when they ask us to recruit for high-calibre management.

The Internet has broken down a lot of geographical barriers, and businesses are becoming more global, so experience of working outside of the UK and languages are also becoming increasingly important. Beyond that, you must be passionate about the innovative use of technology and the Internet.

We recommend that employers have a proactive talent management strategy that will enable them to identify, develop and ultimately hold on to their key managers, since finding experienced, skilled online people is always going to be a challenge.

Gail Kenny, recruitment expert and managing director,

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