Galileo boosts multimedia output

Galileo customers are to be given the same levels of multi-media functionality as those using Worldspan following a deal signed with VFM Interactive.

The existing VFM-Worldspan partnership, signed in 2005, will extend to Galileo subscribers following the recent merger between the two GDS giants.

The new agreement will also see Galileo agents and web providers given the first opportunity to use the VFM-built Vscape Lite system, allowing hotels and accommodation to upload their images onto the network.

Louise Meyer, senior director for hotel/car supply and distribution at Galileo, said: “It is extremely useful for both travel agents and customers to be able to visualize hotel accommodation when booking hotels. This new agreement with VFM will enable them to do just that and ensure they are offering their customers the best possible option for their trip.”

“And by providing Galileo-connected hotels with free use of Vscape Lite to distribute their images, they will be able to streamline their image distribution and make their products more accessible to agents, which should ultimately help them to sell more rooms.”

The Vscape system automatically updates photographs considered out of date.

Paolo Boni, president and chief executive officer of VFM, said: “Working together, we will provide hotels with a tool that not only gives them more control over their images and how they market themselves but also saves them time and money.”

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