CheapHolidayDeals picks destination reviews in new focus

Internet Business Group-owned site CheapHolidayDeals has made its first major user-based improvements to the site since its purchase last year from Cheapflights.

The site has launched a standalone destination reviews section to the site, penned by both users and independent writers.

The first 50 reviews have been uploaded to the site and are expected to be increased by around 50 every month.

IBG said it decided to focus on destination news and reviews rather than hotels in order to catch users at the beginning of the purchase funnel.

The development is the first major improvement to the front end since Cheapflights sold the site to IBG in the summer of 2006.

IBG marketing director Nic Costa said: “ already enjoys a unique market position as a browsing-based holiday deal site, as opposed to the rest of the market which is search based.

“Our decision to focus on resort-level reviews is aimed at filling a gap in the market. We feel that we can engage our existing travellers to help their peers distinguish between which resorts to got to, rather than which specific hotels to stay in.

“The final choice of specific property is as likely to be down to the deals available at the time of booking!”

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