US hospitality sharing platform HomeExchange launches new platform

US hospitality sharing platform HomeExchange launches new platform

US-based home sharing platform HomeExchange has announced the launch of a new platform.

HomeExchange has unveiled a new website and an international brand identity claiming to be a disruptive force in the hospitality market by offering a places where users can host and stay without money changing hands.

With all-inclusive premium guarantees, HomeExchange offers members identity verification, improved cancellation support, property damages covered up to £1 million and 24/7 worldwide assistance.

Chief executive Emmanuel Arnaud said: “Stay in paid accommodation is increasingly perceived as cold and impersonal.

“Because it is based on free hospitality, HomeExchange offers a whole new experience: to stay in real, authentic homes and to feel welcomed as guests.”

Executive chairman Charles-Edouard Girard added: “This is just the beginning. HomeExchange combines affordability, human values and sustainability.

“From Baby Boomers to Milleniums, we expect a million users in the next two years.”

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