EDreams ODIGEO Datathon explores AI image recognition technology

EDreams ODIGEO Datathon explores AI image recognition technology

Experts in artificial intelligence from more than 25 different nationalities participated in European online travel agent eDreams ODIGEO’s 2018 Datathon.

The firm challenged leading minds in AI from inside and outside the business to develop algorithms, using deep learning technology, to improve the company’s ability to personalise experiences for travellers.

The 12-hour annual Datathon focussed in image recognition to help personalise recommendations for travellers.

Participants developed AI solutions for the recognition of characteristics of more than 4,000 destination images to predict the most suitable type of accommodation for travellers and help tailor their experience when booking a trip.

Shravan Kochhar, director of strategic insights at eDreams ODIGEO, said, “We are proud to have built the largest Data Science team dedicated to travel technology, working alongside a team of more than 400 software developers and data analysts who are always looking to put technology to work on behalf of our customers.

“This new edition of our Datathon has allowed the best minds in artificial intelligence to work together in the development of new algorithms that will help millions of customers choose the best accommodation options.

“The calibre of the projects developed is very impressive, and we are excited to explore how we can use them to improve the traveller experience.”

EDreams ODIGEO say sit makes eight billion personalised predicitions per day by using machine learning technology and algorithmic analysis.

Guest speakers at the Datathon included Esteve Almirall, from the Department of Operations, Innovation and Information Sciences of ESADE Business School, Javier Fernández, head of data science at Barcelona Football Club and Xander Steenbrugge, of Arxiv Insights.

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