Off Exploring builds white label travel blogging platform

Off Exploring, the company behind the award-winning blogging system used by STA Travel, is developing a white label version of the product for other travel companies.

The Newcastle upon Tyne-based company will include all features originally built for the STA Travel version of the product, such as the ability to upload video and photographs as well as the standard blogging capability.

The system also allows registered users to produce a print version of their diaries at any time.

STA Travel won the Best Use of Social Media at the Travolution Awards in April 2007 for its blogging service.

The travel agency, which claims “thousands” of customers has developed their own blogs during their trips, has also seen its search engine ranking improve dramatically since it optimised the user generated content created through the customer blogs.

Andrew Ace, Off Exploring co-founder and development director, said: “The Off Exploring service enables brands and businesses to stay connected with their customers, increase customer loyalty, reach new audiences, increase brand awareness and possibly impact the bottom line.

“The business benefits of implementing the service are clear and are increasing all the time, as exemplified by innovations such as our new application built on Facebook platform, which links users’ travel journals to their Facebook profiles.”

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