Traveltek and WOWcruise collaborate in new bookable website

Traveltek and WOWcruise collaborate in new bookable website

Traveltek has partnered with fats-growing Welsh cruise travel agency WOWcruise on its new website.

The site provides the agents’ customers the ability to search and book cruise packages online for the first time.

The new site, launched last month, was created by Traveltek’s in-house digital development team.

Traveltek said it was built using UX (user experience) design principles to ensure the booking journey is seamless for WOWcruise’s customer base.

George Johnson, managing director, said: “We wanted to work with a well-established company.

“Key criteria in our partner selection process were book-ability, speed, integration and ease of use. All of which Traveltek has delivered.

“Bringing to life an online booking website has been one of our biggest challenges to date.

“It was a far greater task than we bargained or planned for. But combining the dedication and tenacity of the WOWcruise team with Traveltek’s knowledge and expertise, was definitely the right way to go.

“We’re delighted with the look and feel of the site, and being the newest innovation into the market, now stands head and shoulders above the rest of the field. Exciting times!”

Traveltek chief technology officer Kenny Millar, added: “When people hear the name Traveltek, they automatically think of booking software and it’s true that’s our forte.

“Perhaps lesser known is the fact that we’ve been building travel websites for almost 20 years.

“Our in-house design team boasts unrivalled expertise, delivering creative solutions to user interface problems and working in close partnership with our clients to ensure their brand vision translates well to the web.

“ is a great example of the work our team can turn around in a relatively short period of time and we’re delighted to have been chosen as their partner of choice.”

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