integrates Siri Shortcut for voice commands in mobile app integrates Siri Shortcut for voice commands in mobile app

Holidaymakers will have their travel documentation accessible via voice command thanks to integrating the new Siri Shortcut functions into its app.

According to the latest data, almost a quarter of global travelers (22%) use voice commands to search and book their travel. is now tapping into this growing trend by adopting the new technology – featured as part of the new Apple iOS12 release – in their app.

To make use of this new function, customers can open their booking in the app, click the ‘Add to Siri’ button and record a voice command that’s relevant to their stay. Upon arrival, customers can find the address of their hotel, see a map of its location or find the check in time by repeating the voice command.

Daniel Craig, Vice President of Mobile at brand said: “The Siri Shortcut takes the hassle out of travelling, by surfacing the key information you need in just one voice command. Handsfree travel is a growing trend and this new feature is perfect for today’s on-the-go travelers, who demand instant information at their fingertips, or should I now say at the tip of their tongue.”

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