Egencia enhances Analytics Studio to give ‘actionable insights’

Egencia enhances Analytics Studio to give ‘actionable insights’

An enhanced data visualisation and analytics platform is being introduced by Egencia to help companies bring their travel programmes to life.

Travel managers can explore data visually, discover hidden insights, identify new sources of savings and optimise spend across travel categories – air, hotel, train and car – according to the Expedia digital travel management company.

This enables them to create compelling reports to share with the organisation’s finance, procurement and human resources departments.

Egencia chief technology officer Alex Kaluzny said: “We live in a world where data is everywhere, but it’s only useful when you can turn data into actionable insights.

“Understanding the data and using it to make decisions that benefit your business is just the beginning – we continue to evolve the Egencia Analytics Studio to bring the power of predictive analytics to our customers.”

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