TransferTravel makes pitch to strike-hit Ryanair passengers

TransferTravel makes pitch to strike-hit Ryanair passengers

Unwanted travel marketplace is inviting Ryanair customers hit by pilots’ strikes to use its site to claw money back on other parts of their trip.

The peer-to-peer ‘eBay-style’ marketplace allows customers to re-sell non-refundable travel plans they no longer want or can no longer make to recoup some of their money.

Sellers can list accommodation, flights, package holidays and cruises and it is aimed at attraction buyers looking for a bargain.

Simon Powell, the company’s founder and chief executive said: “It’s terrible that many Ryanair customers will now have severe problems getting to their planned destinations. We can offer a simple solution to a problem most people don’t know is solve-able. Consumers can relist any elements of their travel plans that they have paid for and can no longer make. We estimate that 80% of all travel is eligible for transfer.” operates on a no-sale, no-fee basis, only collecting a 15% fee when a successful transfer is made.

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