WeSwap introduces Transfer for friends to split holiday costs

WeSwap introduces Transfer for friends to split holiday costs

Peer to peer currency exchange service WeSwap has launched a Transfer service to help friends on holiday split costs.

Its research suggests that 7.5 million British holidaymakers say they spend more than their friends when away, with more than a quarter of the nation, or 11.5 million, going on trips with their mates.

The transfer service works via the WeSwap app and those who owe for spending in restaurants, attractions or bars can send their share of the bill direct to their friends’ WeSwap accounts.

“Holidays with friends should be about the memories made, not the money owed,” the company said.

To accompany the launch, WeSwap has posted tip about travelling with friends on its website, alongside a video of how the service works.

It research also found that 4.8 million holidaymakers have faked a phone call, pretended to be sick or gone to another extreme length to avoid paying their share of the bill abroad and that fifth of the nation (or 8.5 million peopl) would go on more trips with their friends if there was a more convenient way to split the costs.

WeSwap Transfer is available for both iOS and Android.

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