Icelolly hits the road with new advertising campaign

Icelolly hits the road with new advertising campaign

Holiday price comparison site will take its deal on the road, literally, over the next 13 months having signed a new advertising deal.

The Leeds-based firm will raise awareness of its service by having its colours wrapped around a fleet of lorries as part of an agreement with DrivenMedia.

The firm was founded by young entrepreneur Ed Hollands who appeared on BBC’s Dragons’ Den and secured funding from Jenny Campbell, founder and chief executive of YourCash Europe.

DrivenMedia will be responsible for logistics including dressing the fleet in bespoke livery with the message that icelolly delivers millions of holiday deals to UK customers every year.

The branded fleet be deployed in key regions around the UK including Scotland, London, Southampton and Wales.

Each lorry will be wrapped in icelolly’s colours incorporating its logo, with beach ball graphics and the names of some of the site’s most popular holiday search destinations.

It is anticipated each truck will have over 55,000 opportunities to be seen per day on the UK’s congested road network, according to Department for Transport data.

GPS will allow icelolly to collate statistics and track the impact of the, allowing the business to match search enquiries from locations where trucks have been circulating over specific time periods.

Darren Kunar, head of marketing communications at, said: “Our all-new out of home advertising initiative has been designed to maximise brand awareness and promote savings that customers can make using our comparison engine.

“Using these lorries is a great way to inform new audiences about and to spread the word that we deliver millions of holidays to people across the UK every year.”

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