Expedia drops cryptocurrency Bitcoin as payment option

Expedia drops cryptocurrency Bitcoin as payment option

Expedia has stopped accepting crytocurrency Bitcoin as a payment option for flights and hotel bookings.

The Global OTA giant told the financial news website Market Exclusive that it was evaluating alternative payments methods.

Expedia apologised for any inconvenience caused by the move and for a lack of communication to customers.

Market Exclusive said the OTA did not explain why it had dropped Bitcoin, which it has been accepting for four years through the Coinbase Exchange website, but it was believed to be due to high fees.

It was reported that Expedia customers using Bitcoin has also experience timed out payments, a “hectic” process for refunds and often ended up resorting to using credit cards.

It was also suggested a decision by Coinbase to end “custodial solutions for merchants” was also behind the decision to suspend Bitcoin payments.

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