CarTrawler removes supplier Green Motion from site

CarTrawler removes supplier Green Motion from site

Global B2B travel technology company CarTrawler has removed car hire firm Green Motion from its site following “multiple customer complaints” at a number of its UK locations.

After raising the issue with Green Motion, CarTrawler has agreed to the “immediate and indefinite suspension” of the company from its platform for bookings in UK locations while “customer service issues” are reviewed.

CarTrawler has agreements with car rental companies including Green Motion and provides airlines and other travel providers with the ability to offer car hire to their online customer base.

But the Irish company said it has “observed an increase in UK complaints” via its customer centre.

CarTrawler informed Green Motion that its UK network “is subject to the same disciplinary procedures as any other suppliers who do not conform to CarTrawler’s standards of best practice”.

The action follows Holiday Autos reportedly suspending Green Motion from its listings following an “influx of compliants”.

Ryanair’s car hire booking service will also exclude Green Moton as it is powered by Holiday Autos, according to The Guardian.

CarTrawler chief executive Cormac Barry said: “CarTrawler is focused on improving the overall standard of service that customers receive from car rental companies globally.

“We closely monitor all customer feedback coming to us via our various contact channels.

“On noticing this sudden increase in complaints from customers around their service with some of Green Motion’s UK network, we made the decision to remove their supply from our platform to ensure that customers are only shown cars from companies that can demonstrate an appropriate level of customer service.”

He added: “We look forward to reinstating Green Motion’s UK locations again when they have been able to demonstrate that their customer service has improved and meets our standards again.”

CarTrawler pledged to honour all current bookings made with Green Motion or customers can re-book with another supplier.

Green Motion chief executive Richard Lowden said: “We truly value our long standing partnership with CarTrawler and its associated brands and take very seriously the level of service we deliver to our mutual customers.

“We are clearly disappointed that a number of our UK locations have fallen short on the expectations of CarTrawler and are committed to working with CarTrawler to ensure that each and every one of Green Motion’s locations in the UK more than exceeds the expected levels of customer service.”

And he told The Guardian: “Our international customer service department are working diligently with our partner, Holiday Autos, to ensure that each and every one of locations meets and surpasses the expected level of service.

“While there have only been a handful of complaints received, all of which have been fully investigated, we are re-opening these investigations to ensure that each and every case has been dealt with fairly and correctly.

“In the event that any misgivings transpire, we will not hesitate to take the appropriate action including the termination of any individual franchisee.”

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