introduces NOMAD to automate users’ multi-destination routing introduces NOMAD to automate users’ multi-destination routing

Virtual interlining website has announced the launch of an enhancement to its Multicity feature.

NOMAD will enable users to fully automate the routing of their trip to multiple destinations to access the biggest savings. introduced its Multicity feature last year powered by a proprietary algorithm, that allows users to automatically combine flights from nearly 700 airlines.

Many of those airlines are budget carriers that do not normally collaborate with each other, but by combining them into a single itinerary enables “virtual interlining”.

The website claims to offer significant savings for the customer, of average 28% compared to competitors and up to 90%.

The new NOMAD feature automates the routing of customer’s trip to provide users with a better experience when planning trips with two or more stops.

When a user plans a complex trip, will provide them with the option to stop over at multiple destinations along the way.

Instead of requiring the customer to choose the order of those destinations, will shuffle those stops to arrive at the most inexpensive itinerary possible.

Oliver Dlouhý, founder and chief executive of, said: “At we are always looking to eliminate the pain of planning multi-city itineraries for users who are travelling alone, on business or with groups, while providing those itineraries at the most competitive price.

“Imagine being able to book a roundtrip flight from Prague to London, with stops in Paris, Rome, and Stockholm for the very low price of €131. By using NOMAD that is now within the power of the user.”

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