One in five book travel on mobile, says Holiday Hypermarket

One in five book travel on mobile, says Holiday Hypermarket

One in five people are now buying holidays by mobile phones, according to new research carried out by Holiday Hypermarket.

The statistic is backed up by transactional data, which has shown a rise from 15% to 20% in bookings made from mobile devices in the first three months of 2018, versus the same period last year.

While desktop still generates the majority of holiday bookings, tablet and mobile transactions are likely to overtake within a matter or years based on the current trend.

There is now an even split between desktop and smaller devices.

Holiday Hypermarket representative Craig Duncan said: “Travel companies have worked hard to improve the mobile booking experience for their customers.

“With the increased usage of smartphones boasting larger screens, and the rise of apps, it’s made booking easier as consumers become more confident in mobile commerce.”

The end of March saw Google announce it has started migrating websites to mobile-first indexing.

This means the world’s leading search engine will use the mobile version of a page for indexing and ranking, further cementing the shift from a desktop to mobile-centric connected world.

Duncan added: “We certainly expect to see mobile bookings increase exponentially in 2019 and soon surpass desktop.

“We know our customers like to use more than one device when exploring our site too, so our focus is on creating a frictionless booking journey experience for our users.

“This focus takes into account trends in voice search and represents the on-going commitment we have to our customers in providing a modernised online shopping experience that is personalised, seamless and secure.”

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