Beta prototypes of AirPod sleeping units revealed

Beta prototypes of AirPod sleeping units revealed

Airport sleeping unit AirPod has launched its beta prototype in preparation for its first commercial trial in the autumn.

The capsule-like sleeping pod will be installed in public l;ocationssuch as airports, hotels, train and bus stations and shopping centres – which the firm says will be a solution for people seeking a private area to relax, sleep or work without having to leave the airport.

It has an ergonomically designed seat that converts into a bed, high-speed WiFi, air conditioning and air purifiers, power sockets, luggage and personal belongings storage and information about the status of flights.

AirPod is privately funded but hopes to go up for crowd funding in the future.

Its commercial trial will begin this autumn at some EU airports.

AirPod also uses blockchain technology, having established its own cryptocurrency called APOD. Buying an APOD token will make an individual eligible for profit sharing created by AirPod unit, giving token holders the opportunity for earning stable passive crypto-income.

The idea was inspired by the personal experience of Slovenian businessmen Mihael Meolic (COO) and Grega Mrgole (CEO).

Mrgole said: “AirPod’s vision is to improve travel experience overall and additionally to offer those interested in the business the opportunity to earn passive crypto-income.”

The firm’s research suggests there are 667 million passengers worldwide every year, with transit and transfer passengers representing 10% and 2% face delayed or cancelled flights.

It also cited a Skyscanner study which found 36% of respondents see a need for sleeping pods at airports and a survey conducted by that found that 90% of passengers would pay for a sleeping pod at an affordable price.

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