TravelSupermarket pricing research highlights long-haul savings

TravelSupermarket pricing research highlights long-haul savings

Long-haul holidays this summer are proportionately cheaper than short-haul breaks, latest research into pricing shows today.

By swapping Santorini for Thailand a family of four can save as much as £2,948 or 47% and two people as much as £594 or 28% for two weeks away, according to price comparison firm TravelSupermarket.

Two people can take a fortnight’s holiday to Thailand for 23% less than one to Ibiza, the study found.

Likewise, a week in New York costs 33% or £1,092 less than a family holiday in Mykonos in August. Barbados and the Seychelles were also found to cost less than a week in Mykonos.

Consumers may not realise they can sometimes get a lot more for their money further afield, according to TravelSupermarket’s Emma Coulthurst.

She said: “There are some fantastic savings to be made by swapping short-haul for long-haul and going thousands of miles further this summer.

“It is really worth comparing long-haul and short-haul to see how far you can go for a lot less. If you pick well, you can experience some long-haul destinations this summer for as much as 47% less than holidays much closer to home.

“Normally, we’d say to avoid the school holiday dates if you haven’t got school-age children. But the best time, price wise, to take a holiday to long-haul destinations including Thailand and Barbados is May to August, during those countries’ low season, so there is nothing to stop couples and friends taking advantage of these savings too.

“The cost of living is also a lot cheaper in long-haul destinations like Thailand than it is in short-haul destinations within the eurozone.

“A three course meal in a mid-range restaurant in Thailand will only set you back around £7-£8 and a pint of local beer £1.20 to £1.60. An equivalent meal in Ibiza is likely to cost you around £26 each and a beer around £2 to £3. And Barbados does not have to be expensive; there are lots of great tips online on how to experience the Island like a local on a budget.”

Coulthurst added: “It is definitely worth comparing and contrasting what you can get in long-haul and short-haul destinations for the same dates, to ensure you get the best value holiday and the most enjoyable holiday for you.

“Weather wise, August is one of the best months to go to Barbados and the Seychelles; it is the peak of the ‘dry season’ so there is lots of sun and hardly any rain; a great time to enjoy the Islands’ beaches and the sea.

“New York can be very hot but, at those prices, it is worth considering.

“In Phuket, you should expect brief but heavy showers on the island but with plenty of sunshine between downpours.

“People go for the beach once any rains have cleared in the mornings so it is definitely worth considering at those prices. It will also be quieter in Thailand than in November to March.”

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