ADARA develops customer-centric marketing framework for GDPR era

ADARA develops customer-centric marketing framework for GDPR era

Travel data for marketing platform ADARA claims its latest service will ‘supercharge’ firm’s Customer Relationship Management.

Last week the firm launched Customer Yield Intelligence, a new tool that allows clients to target offers at ‘recognised travellers’ while remaining compliant with data EU GDPR protection rules.

ADARA says the technology aligns travel brands with individual travellers to develop more effective business strategies in marketing, merchandising and analysis.

Layton Han, ADARA chief executive, said: “With Customer Yield Intelligence ADARA empowers travel brands to provide a high-value relationship to today’s omnichannel consumer, while creating an independent, profitable business model in the face of new competitors and data regulation.”

ADARA said CYI combines powerful data analytics, audience insights, innovative advertising solutions, and measurement tools.

It added it will deliver a “customer-centric solution that can scale with the enterprise’s needs”.

It is based on 3 core pillars – Learn, Act, Measure – and integrates the entire ADARA product suite to drive measurable outcomes.

ADARA added CYI introduces several new metrics to help firms become more personalised in today’s competitive digital environment.

“Customer Yield Intelligence empowers travel brands to create deeper customer relationships while driving more revenue from their business,” said Scott Garner, chief commercial officer at ADARA.

“Powerful people-based insights create a comprehensive view of customers across brands, channels, and devices for a more effective, streamlined business strategy.”

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