Gett chooses SafeCharge for smart payments

Gett chooses SafeCharge for smart payments

Ride sharing app Gett is to use payment technology firm SafeCharge for smart payments in the UK.

SafeCharge is aiming to improve Gett’s transaction approval rates and maximum recovery for failed transactions following technical glitches, or if there are insufficient funds on a customer’s card.

Gett, which operates in more than 100 cities across the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia and Israel, allows customers to order a taxi or courier through the company’s website or smartphone app.

The announcement follows Italian airline Blue Panorama’s decision to use SafeCharge, which is looking to increase its presence in the travel industry.

“From the very beginning, we knew that establishing a successful payments strategy meant more than simply collecting a fee,” said Guy Douek, global head of payments at Gett. “By deploying SafeCharge’s latest payments technology in the UK, we are now in a position to maximise our conversion rates and recover those revenues that would have otherwise been lost.”

SafeCharge’s payments services cover the entire payment processing chain. Transactions are handled on its platform from the capture of payment information right up until they have been approved by the customer’s bank, avoiding failure points and minimising unsuccessful payments.

Its ‘partial approvals’ tool collects the maximum amount of funds available on a user’s card if the total amount cannot be collected upfront.

“Major advances in IT infrastructure and the growing usage of ride sharing services by a new generation of users are rapidly driving the global adoption of on-demand transportation services such as Gett,” added David Avgi, CEO of SafeCharge.

“To be successful in this space it is critical to have a dynamic, reliable and high-volume payment provider capable of optimising payment flows and growing with the needs of the business.”

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