Hotelbeds accredited as carbon neutral

Hotelbeds accredited as carbon neutral

Hotelbeds has obtained the carbon neutral organisation status from independent body Carbon Footprint.

The accreditation reflects the bedbank group’s efforts to reduce its environmental impact and ensure long-term sustainability by offsetting its carbon emissions during 2017.

Carbon emission calculations, including energy and paper consumption, waste management, business travel and water supply, were completed by Hotelbeds using metrics devised by Carbon Footprint.

Carbon Footprint also completed a verification of the carbon footprint assessment for Hotelbeds, including spot-checking source data from across the group as well as reviewing the overall methodology.

Business travel is the group’s biggest carbon emission factor. As a result, the company has created an internal self-funded programme with a €2.60 fee charged per business flight taken by staff.

The aim is to encourage a reduction in travel and increase company and employee awareness around the importance of carbon offsetting.

Funds raised are to be donated funds to the Portel-Pará Deforestation Project within Brazil’s Amazon, the world’s largest remaining rainforest.

Company executive chairman Joan Vilà said: “We are proud to have been certified a carbon neutral organisation as it underscores our sustainable business outlook.

“By mixing our sustainability goals with our financial and operational goals, we are creating win-win conditions for the group and all its stakeholders to thrive in the long term.”

“As leaders in the travel industry we wanted to be at the forefront of environmental consciousness, inspiring both other companies and even individual travellers.”

Carbon Footprint client director Dr Wendy Buckly added: “Hotelbeds has taken an integrated and highly responsible approach to its carbon neutrality. As a trailblazer in the industry, they are balancing innovation alongside environmental sustainability.”

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