Mystery destination booking platform adds worldwide destinations

Mystery destination booking platform adds worldwide destinations

Mystery destination booking platform  has revamped its website and offer trips outside of Europe.

The site hopes to keep the booking process “simple” but appeal to a wider range of customers, including families and honeymooners, having catered mainly for the 18-35-year-old market in its first year.

Founded in the Netherlands by four Dutch entrepreneurs in Amsterdam in 2014, it has sent more than 75,000 travellers away so far without them knowing where they are going until they depart.

A longer list of filters and booking options have been introduced as part of the site’s revamp.

“We have had great success with the 18-35 year-old market but we want everyone, of all ages and demographics, to embrace the approach to travel”, said Raymond Klompsma, co-founder and CEO of

“Since day one, our aim has been to create amazing travel experiences – wanderlust adventures that burst with spontaneity and excitement”, he added. “We want to encourage more people to embrace the way of thinking but in order to do so, we understand we need to still put certain decisions in the hands of the traveller so that they have the best experience possible once they arrive in their destination.”

Users choose how long they want to go away for and choose either Europe or worldwide as an option and enter their dates and departure point.

They also choose their level of accommodation and set a budget. A week from departure, a clue is given through a weather forecast for your destination – which is also designed to help customers pack.

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