GuestCentric unveils tech upgrade to enable indie hotels to compete with chains

GuestCentric unveils tech upgrade to enable indie hotels to compete with chains

Hospitality digital marketing software developer GuestCentric has revealed an upgrade to its technology it claims has the power to allow small independent hotels compete with chains.

The add-on upgrade, known as PowerConvert, is described as offering a “unified web experience” for consumer booking on a hotel’s website.

GuestCentric claims the new technology offers an industry first in that it allows the hotel’s website and booking engine to be on the same domain.

The system also has updated security feature including DDoS mitigation, customer data breach prevention and malicious bot abuse blocking on top of the highest-grade SSL encryption for hotel customers.

GuestCentric’s platform is fully PCI-DSS compliant and is on track to full GPDR compliance as well.

Pedro Colaco, GuestCentric chief executive, said: “The best digital partner for hotels is one that leads the race to maximize direct bookings, which can only be won by maintaining trust, security and privacy of users.

“With PowerConvert, our customers now have access to the sort of digital infrastructure that rivals or even leapfrogs that of major global brands operating in the hospitality industry, but in a much more agile and cost-effective manner.

“We at GuestCentric have been committed to rapid, continuous improvement and innovation since day one. By offering hoteliers a comprehensive solution for managing their customers’ online journey with enhanced security, we are leading the way in providing hotel web experiences that maximize conversion.”

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