£1 intercity car rentals firm DriiveMe launches in the UK

£1 intercity car rentals firm DriiveMe launches in the UK

A service offering £1 intercity car rentals has launched in the UK.

DriiveMe already operates in France, where it currently lists more than 20,000 £1 rentals on its site.

It has recently launched in Spain and went live in the UK on Monday, with £1 routes from Edinburgh and Glasgow to Manchester Airport or London Heathrow – and more to be announced soon.

DriiveMe partners with car rental companies including Hertz, Europcar and Avis to balance their fleets to make sure they have the right vehicles in the right cities when they need them.

The model works by saving car rental companies costs in moving cars on lorries, instead having drivers who would be making the journey anyway drive the vehicle to where it needs to be.

It suggests customers use the one-way service to get between cities or to airports, and allows 24 hours for journeys to be completed.

Customers foot the fuel bill but insurance, with Allianz,  is included in the cost of the service, which also offers van rentals.

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