Delta Air Lines offers ‘single source of truth’ through Farelogix

Delta Air Lines offers ‘single source of truth’ through Farelogix

Airline commerce gateway Farelogix is to launch a new availability calculator engine with Delta Air Lines.

FLX Availability Calculator has been described by the firm as a “single source of truth” for travel professionals booking Delta Air Lines tickets.

It can transact more than 250,000 flight segments per second and Farelogix says it can save airlines like Delta millions in legacy hardware and transactions costs.

The calculator, which uses machine learning, is hosted and managed by the airline and integrated into its own technology stack to meaning it has complete control.

Miami-based Farelogix says its calculator can be “seamlessly” integrated into GDSs and five more airline are scheduled to take up the product in 2018.

“Enabling airlines to become the single source of truth for their offer creation and delivery is core to Farelogix and is reflected in all our airline product offerings,” said CEO Jim Davidson.  “Our entire suite of offer engines included in our Airline Commerce Gateway platform have been designed for speed, scalability, and the lowest possible cost of ownership. We believe speed, performance, and scalability should cost less, not more. This is the new standard. It makes it possible for airlines to service massive search volumes accurately and cost effectively, which is essential in today’s world of dynamic offers, NDC, meta searches, and the continuing rise of mobile engagement.”

“Not many people may think of Farelogix when it comes to off-PSS availability calculation, but they soon will,” says Davidson. “Delta may be the first airline to implement the FLX Availability Calculator, but another five airlines are currently scheduled for production by the middle of 2018.”

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