Amadeus rolls out luggage free airport check-in solution in Cape Verde

Amadeus rolls out luggage free airport check-in solution in Cape Verde

A cloud-based hotel check-in service has been enabled by Amadeus on Cape Verde, meaning customers can leave bags at reception rather than carry them to the airport.

Amadeus’ Airport Common Use Service (ACUS) Mobile solution can now be used at two international airports in Cape Verde, Sal and Boa Vista.

Boarding passes and bag tags are issued by Cabo Verde Handling agents in travellers’ holiday resorts, giving them more time at the hotel. Bags are then transported to the airport by the ground handling firm.

“We are pleased to extend our partnership with ASA and Cabo Verde Handling to improve the experience of travellers on the islands,” said John Jarrell, head of airport IT at Amadeus.

“With the steady growth of tourism in Cape Verde, it is important to simplify airport infrastructures to welcome new passengers. The ability to have a luggage-free journey from hotel to airport is a significant advantage for passengers and is just one of the ways in which both airports and customers can benefit from our ACUS agreement.”

In 2016, Amadeus implemented its ACUS common use solution at Cape Verde’s four international airports, with ACUS Mobile – now used in 30 airports – a new addition.

Jorge Benchimol Duarte, CEO of ASA Cape Verde Airports, said: “We aim to bring the best service to airport passengers. Working with Amadeus has helped us to increase our airports’ productivity in the most cost-effective way and with ACUS Mobile, we can now make Cape Verde an even easier place to travel to and from, with smooth check-in facilities from the hotels in our islands. Taking pressure off the terminals and improving the passenger experience is a win-win situation for us.”

Major tour operators Jet2holidays and Thomas Cook have launched similar hotel check-in services that mean guests can leave their bags at the hotel.

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