Hotels can boost online reputation by encouraging reviews, finds TrustYou

Hotels can boost online reputation by encouraging reviews, finds TrustYou

Travellers are three times more likely to leave a review when prompted, according to a study by guest feedback platform TrustYou.

Its newly-published white paper argues that hotels can “significantly impact their online reputation” by collecting online reviews.

The study surveyed 920 Americans who have travelled within the previous 12 months on both leisure and business trips, booking their own accommodation.

It found that the majority of guests have left at least one review about their experience with an accommodation. Of those reviews, guests say they usually leave very positive reviews – and when an accommodation asks a guest to write a review, they are 3.6 times more likely to get a response – and leave them a 5-star review.

Other trends found in the survey showed that 54% of guests have experience writing and submitting at least one review in the last 12months. On average, TrustYou says 95% of traveller reviews are positive; 93% of surveyed travellers’ most recent reviews are positive.

After price, review score is the most important factor travellers look at when booking accommodation, according to the results.

TrustYou, which monitors reviews for more than half a million hotels, concluded that hotels can have a positive impact on their online reputation by collecting reviews and adopt a marketing strategy to display and share their positive reputation online to encourage more guests to choose them.

Chief executive Benjamin Jost, said: “This study reaffirms how important it really is to be on top of your reputation as a hotel provider. The white paper demonstrates that 80% of travellers who received a survey to evaluate a hotel’s performance left a review. In comparison, only 22% of travellers wrote a review without having been asked. Hotels can easily close this gap with a post-stay survey software that allows hoteliers to manage guest feedback and reviews from the entire web simultaneously.”

Hoteliers can download TrustYou’s whitepaper free of charge.

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