CityStasher rebrands as Stasher with new website

CityStasher rebrands as Stasher with new website

Luggage storage start-up CityStasher has re-branded to Stasher with the launch of its new website in a bid to translate the brand across international borders.

CityStasher will now be known as ‘Stasher’ – “a shorter and snappier brand name” which is says is simple to pronounce in some of the locales where the business operates.

The name change coincides with the launch of Stasher’s new website, which the firm says has been updated to reflect the brand’s maturity.

Its search facility has been sped up, its interface streamlined and the site has been translated into various languages.

A mobile app is expected to launch at the end of April.

The company’s expansion and brand refresh follows a $1.1 million funding round in January, led by Venture Friends and backed by HOWZAT Partners, Charlotte Street Capital, and angel investors.

It now operates more than 300 ‘Stash Points’ across the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands and Denmark which have stored more than 60,000 bags so far and employs 13 staff.

It hopes to expand into Spain in the coming months.

Chief executive Jacob Wedderburn-Day said: “We’re really excited about CityStasher’s evolution and can’t wait to enter into this next phase of our growth. We definitely felt that a re-brand was needed in order to ensure the brand made sense internationally, and we all feel as though the new name is a good reflection of how we’ve become more focused, streamlined and mature since we launched in 2016.

“Stasher is certainly less of a tongue twister, and therefore we hope the re-brand will stand us in good stead as we continue to successfully break into new overseas markets over the coming months.”

Stasher’s StashPoints are shops, hotels and small businesses that have secure storage space. Customers book ahead via the Stasher website, pay online, then drop bags off. It costs £6 for 24 hours’ storage and £5 for each additional day with insurance for up to £750.

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