New lead generation team gives Travel Innovation Group 49% sales boost

New lead generation team gives Travel Innovation Group 49% sales boost

Flights aggregator and technology firm Travel Innovation Group has credited its new lead generation team with a 49% uplift in sales so far this year.

The lead generation team was established in September 2017 and the firm says it has already proved its worth.

The team has brought in 124 new IT accounts and 131 new group accounts across the UK and North America.

The Travel Innovation Group said the team has seen success by re-engaging with dormant accounts nurturing leads and attracting new clients to the business.

Michael Edwards, managing director of Travel Innovation Group, said: “The implementation of the team has led to a huge uplift in sales over the last six months, which proves that old fashioned methods of speaking directly and personally to customers and potential clients can reap enormous benefits.

“We always work closely with our customers to offer flexible and adaptable solutions, and we understand the industry and pain points associated with it.

“Because of our in-depth knowledge and technology driven service, we are agile and able to respond to client requirements quickly, making us an excellent partner for airlines and the travel trade.

“The continued sales uplift is a direct testament to the hard work and dedication of the new lead generation team, that has been tirelessly working to establish new relationships and nurture existing ones.”

Travel Innovation Group consists of flight aggregator Aviate, Lime, a search, booking and ticketing service to the UK travel trade for BA tickets, and technology firm Calrom.

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