‘More than one in ten’ unaware of EU data roaming changes

‘More than one in ten’ unaware of EU data roaming changes

More than one in ten holidaymakers are completely unaware of changes to EU data roaming charges and still expect to be charged for any use.

A survey of 1,000 British holidaymakers found that 16% of travellers are unaware of the changes.

More than a quarter (27%) say that although they are aware of the changes made last summer, they are not clear on the facts and are unsure about whether they will still be charged for data usage when abroad.

The EU roaming rules which came into effect last June mean holidaymakers are now able to roam in the same way they are at home, with any data usage taken out of their agreed allowance.

However, the research conducted by On the Beach found that less than half of those surveyed are aware of the changes and fully understand the new rules.

Despite the new legislation which saw the end of sky high roaming charges, 6% of British holidaymakers will not use their phone abroad at all, so concerned are they about the potential costs.

Since the new EU rules came into effect, less than half (43%) said they use more data when abroad and 9% use it less, despite the fact they will no longer be hit with further costs.

Many people’s mobile phone usage will not change at all, with 42% saying they will use the same amount of data as they did before these changes were introduced.

The majority (46%) use apps such as WhatsApp to keep in touch with friends and family at home while almost a third (32%) post content and updates on social media sites such as Facebook.

One in five use data to source local bars, restaurants and attractions in resort with 7% checking the weather back home.

However, only 4% admitted to checking work emails.

On the Beach marketing director Alan Harding said: “This lack of understanding suggests our government and indeed mobile service providers simply haven’t done enough to make sure people understand these new EU regulations.

“For years, many British holidaymakers have returned home from their holiday only to be find they have been charged extortionate prices for their data usage, so this is great news for all.”

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