Kayak refreshes site with baggage calculator

Kayak refreshes site with baggage calculator

Kayak has refreshed its website to make the experience more “seamless” for users.

The changes include updating the navigation on the website to include information on more complex pricing such as baggage fees, branded fares and speciality rates from hotel and car rental companies.

A baggage fee calculator is now displayed at the top of flight search results to help passengers calculate the total cost of flights when factoring in baggage, while the difference in cabin class has been made clearer with the price displayed next to what the fare type includes.

Users will also see their past searches on the homepage when they log in.

It is the first substantial redesign of the online travel search company, owned by Booking.com parent Booking Holdings, for three years.

Neil Cartwright, travel expert at Kayak.co.uk, said: “We’re always looking at ways to improve our customer experience and we’re constantly updating our website to make sure we’re offering consumers the best advice and information available. Some of the latest changes include simplifying our tools to make it as seamless as possible for users to get travel information so that they feel confident that they have got the best deal or the most accurate information.

“We have also updated our website to make navigating key information, such as baggage fares or carriers, even easier for our users. Kayak has access to more travel information than other travel sites and helping our users easily and quickly navigate their options is critical.”

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