Concur introduces two new bots for Slack

Concur introduces two new bots for Slack

Travel management and expense specialist Concur has developed two bots to be used on the popular workplace communications and collaboration platform Slack.

The firm has announced it will be making a Slack Concur Expense bot available in beta and introduce a new Concur Travel bot.

Concur said: “We’re all about creating efficiencies and empowering people to do their best, most productive work.

“This is a perfect fit for our large enterprise clients, particularly those with infrequent users of Concur Expense who can now take actions directly in Slack.

“Last year, during our private beta, we started with simple functions like requesting your itinerary and submitting an expense receipt.

“We’re excited to move the expense bot into public beta with a more robust set of features and functionality, and introduce a new travel bot coming soon.”

Concur said integrating with Slack was intended to make it easy and simple for its clients to find out the information they need.

It added: “For example, with the Concur Expense bot on Slack you can now receive notifications when you have an expense claim to review and approve, and take actions directly from Slack without having to navigate away from the app you’re already using.

“The experience is fast and intuitive, and seamlessly integrates into Slack so you can continue working with colleagues and not be distracted by other applications.”

The Concur Expense and Travel bots on Slack were being demonstrated this week to customers and partners at SAP Concur Fusion 2018 in Seattle.

The Expense bot will be available soon to joint US customers in the Slack App Directory and SAP Concur App Center.

The Concur Travel bot on Slack will be released in the coming months and is a collaboration between Concur Labs, Concur Travel, and Hipmunk.

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