CultureMee and Hofstede Insights agree partnership to address traveller ‘culture shock’

CultureMee and Hofstede Insights agree partnership to address traveller ‘culture shock’

CultureMee, the app that offers a cure for ‘culture shock’ has agreed a tie-up with Hofstede Insights, a leading culture consultancy.

Launched in 2017, CultureMee provides users practical advice in key areas for travelers including visas, vaccinations and electric plugs.

This strategic partnership with Hofstede Insights will combine its tips with expertise in managing the impact of culture on work life.

The consultancy was set up by Professor Geert Hofstede, an expert in the field of business strategy, culture and change.

The partnership aims to help people who travel to gain a better understanding of culture, and help them fully understand the culture of a country before they travel there.

CultureMee will have exclusivity over the display of Hofstede Insights’ Culture Compass graphs for online use in the travel industry.

Hofstede Insights will also be the exclusive culture consultant partner of CultureMee giving its customers access to a global network of over 90 culture consultants in 40 countries.

Dee Lee, chief executive of CultureMee, said: “John and I have been very impressed with the Geert Hofstede model on national culture which allow our customers to easily compare their culture to the culture they’re visiting across 6 different dimensions.

“Ever since John was first introduced to this model, it has been an incredibly useful tool to explore cultures.

“We feel they are a great addition to our CultureMee app and will help travellers gain a unique insight on where they are travelling to.

“To also have access to Hofstede Insight’s global network of culture consultants will be an excellent addition to any expats or business travellers looking to deep dive on culture.”

Egbert Schram, chief executive of Hofstede Insights Group, added: “Being an avid traveller myself, CultureMee brings along an easy to use interface and application with tons of useful facts for lots of countries – all you need to know in one application.”

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