Edinburgh airport launches app for passengers with reduced mobility

Edinburgh airport launches app for passengers with reduced mobility

An app which allows passengers with reduced mobility and hidden disabilities to personalise the assistance they need has been launched at Edinburgh Airport.

‘Welcome’ by Neatebox allows people with disabilities to set up a personal profile and request assistance in advance from facilities and venues which recognise the app.

Venues are notified of the request and receive tips to aid the interaction with the passengers.

The app, built by Edinburgh-based firm, Neatebox, sends a signal to the airport’s passengers with reduced mobility (PRM) reception to tell staff the passenger is on their way to the airport so they can prepare.

Chief executive of Edinburgh Airport, Gordon Dewar said: “We’ve looked at how we can improve the wide range of services we already offer and introducing technology such as Neatebox allows us to extend that passenger care and tailor our service to those requirements.

“We pride ourselves on being innovative and we are confident our accessibility will continue to improve with the introduction of Neatebox.”

Gavin Neate, founder of Neatebox, added: “With over 80,000 people who could use this service travelling through Edinburgh Airport every year, many of them with hidden disabilities, we could not be in a better position to demonstrate this amazing service to the greatest number of people. We hope by doing so, we can promote Scotland as being the epicentre of this innovation.”

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