Facebook adds Trip Consideration tool for travel brands

Facebook adds Trip Consideration tool for travel brands

Facebook has expanded its suite of travel ads products with the introduction of its new tool Trip Consideration.

Trip Consideration is designed to help travel advertisers reach consumers who have shown an intent to travel, but have not yet decided on a destination.

Facebook says its research shows that people who have expressed intent to travel have often not decided where they want to go.

In a blog post, it said: “We know this type of travel discovery and trip planning is already happening across our platforms. In fact, 68% of millennials found ideas for their most recent trip on Facebook, and the same is true for 60% of millennials on Instagram. That’s why we wanted to give travel advertisers a way to reach people where they’re already finding inspiration for their next trip.

“Now, with Trip Consideration, you can showcase deals and popular destinations to encourage people to book their next vacation at a specific destination. For example, let’s say a college student has demonstrated interest in spring break at the beach by browsing travel related pages, but has not yet settled on a specific location. Travel advertisers can now deliver ads promoting flight or hotel deals to inspire the student to book his or her trip.”

Facebook already has a tool called Dynamic Ads for Travel which was designed to help advertisers reach people interested in traveling with relevant adverts.

“Now, with trip consideration, you can reach people even earlier in the trip planning process,” the social media giant said. “Trip consideration also makes it easy for advertisers to deliver the right message with the right creative, since you can select the creative you want to show people, without having to provide a catalogue.”

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