London Traveltech Lab seeks new partner after London & Partners involvement ends

London Traveltech Lab seeks new partner after London & Partners involvement ends

The London Traveltech Lab is seeking a new partner after its host London & Partners, the body that promoted the capital on behalf of the mayor, ended its involvement.

The initiative, which is based in the offices of London & Partners on the south bank of the Thames, was launched in 2015 to great acclaim by the Duke of York Prince Andrew.

It was established by The Trampery, a provider of specialist workspaces in London, which continues to back it and has offered all current travel start-up members of the lab alternative accommodation at its other locations.

The Trampery will continue to deliver a programme of travel tech events and business support activities including the ongoing programmes with Hilton, Expedia,, IBS and Collinson Group.

Meanwhile The Trampery has begun a search for a global travel industry player to take over as its anchor partner for Traveltech Lab.

Over the past three years Traveltech Lab has sought to put London at the centre of the global travel technology industry.

Following its launch it was over-subscribed by more than 3,000% with applicants from across the world.

Since then it has helped 87 travel start-ups become successful including Much Better Adventures, BD4Travel, Esplorio, WanderPay, SideStory and Touriocity.

Collectively its members have raised more than £26 milion in venture investment. The Traveltech Lab has also delivered a succession of successful initiatives with industry partners.

Charles Armstrong , Founder and chief executive of The Trampery, said: “Over the past three years Traveltech Lab has helped launch a succession of the UK’s most successful travel innovators.

“Along the way we’ve helped establish London as a world centre of excellence for the sector and delivered programmes with some of the industry’s biggest names.

“I appreciate the support we’ve received from London & Partners. We’re committed to continuing the initiative if we can find the right anchor partner.”

Sam Bruce, Founder and chief executive of Much Better Adventures, said: “We moved to London without many contacts and Traveltech Lab served as the perfect hub for us to meet other entrepreneurs in the travel space and share our networks, experience and learnings with each other.

“Traveltech Lab was always more than just an office space though, its true value is in its community, events and integration with the wider Trampery network. I’m looking forward to seeing how the next chapter in its story helps ambitious travel entrepreneurs.”

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