OTA Insight set for roll out of Revenue Insight after successful trial

OTA Insight set for roll out of Revenue Insight after successful trial

Hospitality data analytics specialist OTA Insight is to roll out its new revenue management tool following a successful trial.

The cloud-based Revenue Insight platform has gone through a successful beta testing period with Highgate, the premier real estate investment and hospitality management company.

It has announced it plans to begin the roll out of Revenue Insight to its portfolio of properties.

Revenue Insight provides hotel analytics by combining historical and future performance for a property.

Alexis Warburton, regional director, revenue management and distribution at Highgate, said:

“It’s a real game changer for our business. We’ve tracked a positive trend since implementing Revenue Insight.

“In the past six months, we’ve seen a total revenue increase of over $400,000 and an RGI increase of 7.4% year on year by shifting business to more profitable segments at our 200-plus room beta property.”

The platform allows hoteliers to visualise the main drivers of business based on market segments, channels, source markets and groups.

Hotels are promised better insight into stay patterns by comparing length of stay, the days of week guests are staying, room types, and more parameters that drive profitable revenue. Users can compare their year-on-year performance in a single click.

Adriaan Coppens, chief executive and co-founder at OTA Insight, said: “Our goal at OTA Insight is to make hotel level reporting simpler, better and faster.

“We are thrilled to release Revenue Insight and are looking forward to helping hotels build a more successful revenue strategy.”

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