Amadeus-developed VisitEurope app wins innovation award

Amadeus-developed VisitEurope app wins innovation award

A VisitEurope app developed by Amadeus for the European Travel Commission in partnership with the European Commission, has won a major award.

The iPad app gained the Ulysses prize for innovation in research and technology in the 11th United National World Tourism Organisation awards.

The awards recognise outstanding initiatives in the use of technology for the significant contribution to the development of competitive and sustainable tourism.

The app is available globally and has been optimised initially for the Americas, including the US, Canada, Brazil, Argentina and Chile, where it is possible to find the price of long-haul flights to Europe.

Eduardo Santander, executive director of ETC, who received the award at Spanish trade show FITUR in Madrid, said: “The VisitEurope application is a key tool to strengthen the image of Europe as the world’s number one tourist destination through the implementation of new technologies while enabling the public and private industry to work together towards the sustainable development and promotion of destination Europe.”

Juan-Jesus Garcia, senior advisor industry affairs at Amadeus IT Group, added: “We are proud to have been part of this project, and it has been a great privilege working in partnership with the ETC and the EC on making the VisitEurope app a reality.

“We have been enormously encouraged by the success of the VisitEurope app and website, that provide users with a mobile solution for both planning and booking, as well as obtaining the best information about Europe.”

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