TTE2018: BD4travel to reveal new module and tout GDPR data rules changes as an opportunity

TTE2018: BD4travel to reveal new module and tout GDPR data rules changes as an opportunity

Award-winning UK ecommerce technology specialist bd4travel will explain how travel firms can drive personalisation in their businesses while being complaint with new data legislation.

The firm will unveil a ‘life time’ analytics module upgrade to its Artificial Intelligence personalisation tech at next week’s Travel Technology Europe trade show.

And co-founder and chief executive Andy Owen-Jones will lead a ‘Tech Huddle’ on say one of the show at 3.30pm to discuss how new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation is an opportunity for the travel sector.

The firms says the fundamental principles behind GDPR will not to stop companies collecting data about customers but it will give individuals more control over their personal data.

It argues this can be an opportunity for the acceptance and demand of a new level of personalised services in travel.

Bd4travel has produced a whitepaper on GDPR which can be accessed at

Owen-Jones said: “Digital innovation will continue to transform the tourism industry in 2018. But at the same time, online travel faces one of the biggest data privacy reforms – and further new regulations can already be anticipated.

“We highlight what this new EU regulation means for customer centred digital distribution in the travel industry, which opportunities can be pursued and what actions need to be taken now.

“We invite all leaders in travel to check with us whether they are already in the driver’s seat facing such an enormous digital and legal change.”

Bd4travel said the upgrade to its system offers the following enhancements:

• Lifetime Value: OTAs can gain a predictive view of the value of each visitor, including those who didn’t book.

• Remarketing Optimisation: Real-time user profiles help marketers to optimise remarketing campaigns in Google AdWords at individual user level.

• On-site Campaigns: The new functionality of bd4travel’s recommender and sort personalisation products merges product steering requirements with AI-driven recommendations to maximise commissions.

The team at bd4travel, including new chief commercial officer Sean McDonald, will be available to speak to at stand TT48 at TTE.

Bd4travel, which won the Travolution Award for start-up of the year in 2015, currently has its technology by leading OTAs in eleven international markets.

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