Kayak’s latest TV ad features photographer Mattias Klum

Kayak’s latest TV ad features photographer Mattias Klum

Travel search engine Kayak has launched a new TV advert with Swedish photographer and filmmaker Mattias Klum.

It follows Klum snapping wild animals on safari in South Africa in a bid to suggest ‘confident travel starts at Kayak’.

Stefan Petzinger, senior vice president, EMEA marketing, said: “Kayak gives users the information they need to make travel decisions they can really trust. When they are confident in their choices, all that’s left is to enjoy the journey ahead.”

Klum’s photos have been published by National Geographic, The New York Times, and Stern, among other publications.

“Pros like Mattias Klum use travel to stay at the top of their fields. But not just any travel – well-planned travel that allows them to go with purpose and confidence every time”, added Petzinger.

“Filming Mattias in South Africa, we saw first-hand how important planning is for him. So many things need to align for the perfect shot, from the equipment he requires, to the logistics of transportation, even the weather. He needs to be confident he’s made the best travel decisions, so he can concentrate on his work and staying at the top of his game.”

Klum said: “Travel is crucial for me professionally, and as a person. When I’m travelling and capturing unique moments to share with the rest of the world, I have to be confident. There’s no other option. I’ve found Kayak’s tools incredibly helpful for planning and managing my travels, so as soon as I leave home I can focus on the bigger picture.”

The TV advert is the second in Kayak’s Travel Pro campaign, which launched in December 2017 featuring snowboarder Jeremy Jones and the new version with Klum went on air in the UK at the end of January.

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