app tracking Instagram to market to potential travel customers app tracking Instagram to market to potential travel customers

An artificial intelligence-powered app that targets potential travel customers via social media has launched. bills itself as a ‘game-changing’ way to help travellers discover and book curated itineraries and experiences.

It features predictive modelling and machine learning to “recognise and analyse” social media and digital content to generate “hyper-relevant, directly bookable hotels and experiences”.

They can then narrow down options produced by the app’s algorithms by dates and budget. Six daily recommendations are also given when potential customers open the app.

Payment can be completed via ApplePay or a saved credit card.

“Our app uses a combination of data sets to measures users’ in-app activity and their behaviour on Instagram including images they like, influencers they follow and geo-tags they search for,” said founder and chief technology officer Ilyas Djeddou.

The firm says that 77% of 75.5 million millennials in the United States, search, discover, and book their travel online. It believes Instagram is the leading platform influencing millennials in their vacation planning, saying 45% use the platform for ‘travel discovery’.

The app also allows users to “follow in the globetrotting footsteps of their favourite influencers and content creators” by booking their travel itineraries directly from Instagram images and blog entries.

Co-founder and chief executive Khalid Meniri added: “In the same way that users can directly buy fashion pieces through their favourite influencers on Instagram, is enabling that mechanism for travel.

“Despite the increase of travel discovery on mobile, there’s still friction in booking and a lack of relevancy; the experience is stressful, noisy and unattractive – emotions that should not be felt when booking a holiday. provides a simple, beautiful solution for direct booking.”

The app is available for download on iOS through the Apple App Store.

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