Los Angeles World Airports unveils new digital presence

Los Angeles World Airports unveils new digital presence

Three new websites created by Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) are designed to provide a superior experience on all mobile devices.

The content will adjust to fit whether viewing on a desktop computer or any smart device as Los Angeles International airport (LAX) unveils a new digital presence.

The three distinct websites at FlyLAX.com, iFlyVNY.com and LAWA.org, replace the previous version of LAWA.org.

The FlyLAX passenger-facing website provides dynamic data such as real-time information for flights, parking and departure gates.

Passengers can check the status on arriving and departing flights, find out how to get to LAX, where to park, how to find their way around the airport, as well as where to dine and shop before take off.

Additional information and services will be added to the website over time to further improve the guest experience.

Newly revamped LAWA.org is the business-facing side of the organisation highlighting the airport’s focus on business, environment, employment and governance.

Also launched is a new website for Van Nuys airport – iFlyVNY.com – with information specific to the general aviation facility.

Biometric boarding gates have been introduced at LAX, making it the first airport to allow passengers to board their flight without the requirement of a boarding pass.

This allows for enhanced security and a faster boarding process.

Additionally, LAX-specific information is now available on Amazon’s Alexa app, allowing guests to Ask Alexa about parking, flight status or concession locations.

Chief innovation and commercial strategy officer Justin Erbacci said: “The modernisation of LAX is about more than just new construction, it’s about creating an intuitive, seamless, safe and efficient guest experience from the beginning to the end of a passenger journey, and our new websites are a big part of these efforts.

“The new FlyLAX.comand its sister websites are mobile-friendly, and allow users to create customisable experiences that provide real-time travel data – one more step forward in our efforts to create a world-class, industry-leading guest experience at our airport.”

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