Corporate Travel Management signs deal to avoid BA NDC fee

Corporate Travel Management signs deal to avoid BA NDC fee

A pan-European agreement has been signed between Corporate Travel Management (CTM) and British Airways and Iberia.

This will enable them to work together on the implementation of New Distribution Capability (NDC).

The deal will also allow BA and Iberia bookings to be made via CTM without customers incurring the distribution technology charge introduced in November 2017.

CTM said it has been working closely with partners over the last few months to ensure that customers have access to content without paying any additional fees.

Chief executive, Debbie Carling said: “CTM prides itself on being at the forefront of the ever-changing business travel landscape and the NDC programme is just one of these changes.

“Thanks to our flexible, proprietary technology and robust company processes, CTM is both equipped and committed to manage these changes in a way that provides our customers with the greatest possible return on investment.

“It was important that we take our time over these negotiations to secure the right – and best – deal for them: more content and more cost-saving opportunities, but no extra fees.”

BA head of distribution, Ian Luck, added: “We have long shared a strong relationship with CTM and this new NDC agreement is acknowledgement of our continued and growing partnership.

“CTM are a technology leader and we look forward to working with them on NDC implementation and delivering the associated benefits to our mutual clients.”

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