Trainline extends European reach with Eurail and Interrail tie-up

Trainline extends European reach with Eurail and Interrail tie-up

The Trainline’s reach across Europe is being extended through a partnership with Eurail and Interrail.

Interrail Passes, which are available to European residents and Eurail Passes for those living outside Europe and travelling in the Continent, are now bookable through Trainline’s platforms worldwide.

Users will be able to use Eurail/Interrail passes to travel in additional countries such as Scandinavia, Greece, Romania, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Macedonia and Turkey.

Customers purchasing an Eurail Pass can choose between a Global Pass, for travel in up to 28 countries, a Select Pass, for travel across two, three or four countries, or the One Country Pass, for unlimited travel across one country.

Travellers purchasing an Interrail Pass have the option to pick either a One Country or Global Pass, for travel in up to 30 countries.

Both Interrail and Eurail Passes are available for various durations to suit individual travel plans.

Trainline International general manager Daniel Beutler said: “We’re genuinely excited to partner with Eurail Group, a company that shares our passion for making international rail travel across Europe as simple, transparent and stress-free as possible.

“As well as the journeys and fares available from 137 rail and coach carriers in our app, Trainline leisure customers now have access to hundreds of news destinations across Europe.”

Carlo Boselli, general manager for Eurail Group, the management company of the Eurail and Interrail brands, added: “Together with our official channel, we’re pleased to be able to launch this partnership with Trainline in order to improve the accessibility of rail travel in Europe to an even wider customer base.

“Using a customer-friendly online solution, together we’ll help bring more people in touch with Europe through an authentic Interrail and Eurail experience.”

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