Amadeus integrates FairFly for post-booking airfare shopping

Amadeus integrates FairFly for post-booking airfare shopping

Amadeus has announced a partnership with FairFly which it says will save European travellers money by tracking flight prices after booking and up until departure.

The FairFly technology uses machine learning to monitor fare changes to identify savings and then rebook the customer if a better deal is found.

The service is already used by Amadeus’ GDS rivals Galileo (Travelport) and Sabre. Amadeus claims to be the European GDS sector leader with a 44% market share.

Aviel Siman-Tov, FairFly chief executive, said: “We are very excited about the integration with Amadeus because we can now provide the first big data solution for corporate air travel in Europe for businesses around the globe.

“Airfare is typically the second largest expense in a company’s budget. With this fare-tracking service, companies only pay if we save them money.

“It’s an amazing return on their investment in one of the world’s largest air traffic hubs. We have more exciting innovations coming soon. Fare tracking is only the beginning.”

FairFly said corporations using its fare shopping and rebooking technology can save up to 4% of their annual air spend when switching only to identical flights.

Once similar options are enabled, it claims savings can even double.

“In the $1.2 trillion corporate travel market, this translates to billions of dollars and a huge potential increase in profitability for companies,” said FairFly.

“Plus, the fare-tracking service only costs money if a company saves so it’s also a great return on investment (ROI) that pays for itself.”

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