Research sheds light on use of mobile devices by travellers, finds BuzzCity survey

Research sheds light on use of mobile devices by travellers, finds BuzzCity survey

Latest research into mobile in the corporate and leisure sectors suggests a quarter use mobile for researching what to do but nearly the same number switch off their devices.

The survey by global advertising network BuzzCity found the biggest use of mobile while travelling was “recreational” – Passing time reading e-books, listening to music, playing games or watching videos.

The quarterly research comprised 1,500 responses from BuzzCity’s network in 25 countries.

It found the number of mobile users travelling for business travel has tripled within a year from 9% a year ago to 24% at the end of 2014. Overall a third of respondents travel internationally.

When asked what they use their mobile devices for when travelling 24% said for tourist information and finding local attractions, while 27% replied for checking destinations and travel routes.

More than one in four use their mobiles to book (28%) or pay (24%) for their daily commute; double the figure from 2013.

And just under a third rely purely on their mobiles to make last minute bookings, making it the most preferred device for ticket or room bookings.

Despite the proliferation of mobile devices 21% of travellers choose to remain unconnected during their holidays.

Over a third (40%) said their phone is the most used recreational device for passing the time, to stay in touch with friends and family (29%) and keeping up with work (22%).

Dr KF Lai, founder and chief executive at BuzzCity, said: “Multi-channel surfing has resulted in higher demand for access among travellers and meeting this demand may yet be business critical for airports, hotels and public transport services.

“Free Wi-Fi is no longer a perk and more hotels will see this as a game changing move for their businesses.”

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