Emirates flys up travel industry social media rankings

Emirates flys up travel industry social media rankings

Image via Shutterstock/ Quka

Emirates is one of the travel industry’s fastest growing social media brands, according to the latest Travel Social Media Benchmark results from eDigitalResearch.

The study found that Emirates made one of the biggest improvements, having moved 10 places up the Twitter league table. The airline has attracted almost 250,000 new Twitter followers in the past six months alone, moving it into the top five for the first time.

The Dubai-based carrier also tops the first travel Instagram league table, with almost three times the amount of followers than any other travel brand on the platform.

Emirates capitalises on its global sponsorship deals and endorsements – especially those involve high profile sporting clubs – posting content and images from big name players who attract attention and a considerable following.

Airlines have performed particularly well in the latest Travel Social Media Benchmark results and dominate the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram league tables, helped, in part, by their global customer base.

However, brands are also benefiting from a rising interest in the aviation industry and capitalise on this growing trend with behind-the-scenes content and information – from aircraft unveilings to flight schedules and trackers.

Derek Eccleston, commercial director at eDigitalResearch, said: “Social media is the perfect platform for big global brands, such as international airlines, to reach out and engage with customers and potential customers from across the world.

“However, key to the future success of some brands – such as KLM, British Airways, Air France and now Emirates – is being able to proactively engage and manage social media streams for a truly global audience 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“Social media accounts are often managed out of a central head office location working to set hours – brands need to ensure that they have an adequate strategy for dealing with social customers no matter where in the world they might be.”

Further analysis shows that travel brands are actually posting less regularly throughout the course of the week, while many are still failing to update their accounts over weekends.

Comparisons across platforms reveal that travel brands are posting most often on Twitter, followed by Facebook and Google+.

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